You may be a parent concerned about your child or young adults’ behaviour, or a professional or organisation requiring additional support and direction regarding a young adult you are working with. Emerge Psychological Services can support you in assessing the function of the behaviour in question, from which recommendations for the effective management and intervention to support positive behavioural change can be made.

Assessments undertaken are varied and bespoke, however, can include:

• Trauma
• Harmful sexual behaviour
• Child exploitation (sexual / gangs / extremism)
• Deliberate self-injury
• General aggression and violence
• Psychological well-being
• Stress and coping
• Substance misuse

A formulation driven, integrative approach is taken to any assessment undertaken, ensuring the individual is at the centre.  Information is sourced from a variety of places to ensure a holistic view is taken. Assessments undertaken are:

• Completed by suitably qualified professionals
• Completed in accordance with professional guidelines for ethical practice (e.g. BPS guidelines, HCPC guidelines)
• Grounded in knowledge of the extant literature
• Tailored to individual needs and any instruction questions
• Structured using appropriate clinical guides for risk issues when appropriate
• Completed in a timeframes agreed
• Accessible to all audiences

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