Emerge Psychological Services was formed to promote the contribution that psychological knowledge, and specifically that grounded in an expert understanding of applied forensic psychology and trauma informed practice, can play in supporting young adults to make positive life choices.

EPS is passionate about developing and applying approaches from an individual, trauma informed, strengths-based perspective to help understand behaviour, conflict and emotional challenges to unlock and remove barriers to learning and self-development.

Two young girls lying on the grass with their hand behind their heads, smiling to the camera

EPS aims to:

• Provide practical, accessible services and products, informed by psychological theory and evidence, research and clinical practice
•  Provide high-quality services created and delivered by experienced practitioners adhering to professional codes of conduct.
•  Provide services to individuals, residential children’s care, Local Authorities and education providers committed to an evidence-informed, ethical and personalised approach to working with young adults.
•  Build self-efficacy, resilience and autonomy in both individuals and organisations to support and empower ongoing positive change behaviours.
•  Deliver services in a safe, ethical and value-for-money way